kepka ART
A piece of history in glass design

The roots of our family business go back to 1747. That year, the foundation stone was laid near Prague for a glass design tradition that dates back over 270 years and continues to this day.

The invention of a glass decoration technique based on sandblasting by Karel Kepka in 1920 was a milestone. His son Zdenek Kepka further developed and perfected this unique technique.

Through their sculptural glass art, the couple Miluse and Zdenek Kepka became well-known far beyond the borders of their country with numerous exhibitions and vernissages, e.g., in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Prague.

After the family escaped from the former Czechoslovakia in 1982, they opened a new kepka ART studio in Germany. For more than 40 years in Germany, our team of glass enthusiasts transform visions into individual artworks on an area of 1,200 square metres.

In 1992, kepka ART entered the yacht sector and since 2010 our business focus is set on the area of residences and mega yachts. As an artistic, exclusive facet of interior and exterior design, our handcrafted glass design enjoys an excellent international reputation.