kepka ART
a piece of history in glass modelling

The roots of our family business go back to 1747, the year in which the Near Prague the foundation stone for a tradition in glass design that goes back over 260 years to this day in the first place.

A milestone was the discovery of sandblasting for the refinement of glass by Karel Kepka in 1920. The technology was extensively developed and perfected. by his son Zdenek Kepka , who has built up the family business on this innovative the procedure.

Through her artistic sculptural processing of glass and her artistic development, the the couple Miluse and Zdenek Kepka became famous far beyond the borders of their country and famous.

After the escape of the family from the former Czechoslovakia, the new foundation stone was laid for kepka ART in Germany. For over 30 years, the company has been managed by Euskirchen from all over the world for exclusive glass design. On an area of 1,200 sqm a team of Glass enthusiasts in studio production used the material with the Kepka Smart Shading technology, creates designs and develops the technologies and possibilities on.

As an artful, exclusive facet of interior design in special environments such as the example yachts or in sophisticated architectural objects enjoys glass design from kepka ART has an outstanding international reputation.

The art of combining personality and aesthetics

Interior design with glass design makes personal style come alive, is self-fulfillment and expression of individual aesthetic demands. Against this background, it is our drive to express the personality of the client. Our glass work should last before his eyes and inspire every day anew.

On the basis of our accumulated experience from over 260 years in glass processing and an innovative understanding of design and functionality, we create unique pieces that focus on people and their individual aesthetic sensations.

We only trust in the highest quality materials, processed by hand in an artistic implementation.








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